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Listening-Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers

Listen to the recording and answer the question by choosing all the correct responses. You will need to select more than one response. Answers are provided at bottom of the page. Note: Wait few seconds to load the page completely.

1)The purpose of this talk is ………………

a) suggest ways to make indoor lightning more economical.
b) Illustrate how an everyday object could inspire new technology
c) persuade listeners to participate in a scientific study.
d)  describe an artistic exhibition using familiar items.
e) encourage listeners to think creatively about mundane items


2) What happened as the result of the arrival of Colonists?

a) Huge areas were deforested
b) Old farming methods were abandoned
c) Large expanses were planted with new species
d) Stone quarries were depleted
e) Sections of land were delineated with stones

3)Which of the following statements are true?

a) The smart fridge is an essential component of kitchens.
b) It is technologically advanced in comparison with other fridges.
c) It alerts users when foods reach their expiry date.
d) It can help consumers when they are out shopping.
e) It is able to make decisions about food purchases.
f) It can tell users which foods are healthier.

4) Which TWO facilities at the leisure club have recently been improved?

a) the gym
b) the tracks
c) the outdoor pool
d) the indoor pool
e) the sports training for children


5)Which things should students do when applying to the course according to audio?

a)Understand what the course is about.
b)Think carefully about what they can contribute to the course.
c) Tell a story about an experience that they have had.
d)Provide a large quantity of work that shows their ability.
e) Show an example of their own film work if possible.

6) Based upon what you heard, which of the following is a correct statement?

a) Sugar costs companies much lesser compared to other food ingredients
b) Coca cola has the highest amount of sugar among common food products
c)  It can be safely said that we are consuming more sugar than we actually need
d) There is a huge amount of research showing sugar is just as bad as alcohol
e) People think they eat less sugar than they actually do

7) Why is it difficult to guess which products have sugar or not?

a) Ingredient labels sometimes list sugar by other names
b)  Glucose is used to prevent sugar from being detected
c)  When eating something like a curry paste it is not possible to detect sugar
d)  Manufacturers use vinegar to hide the taste of sugar
e)  Its taste is sometimes balanced by other ingredients

8)What can you tell about the way the author feels about the British National Anthem?

a) The author does not mind that the national anthem is not used now as much it was earlier
b) The author is sad that the national anthem has lost its old popularity
c)  The author blames sports authorities for stopping the practice of singling national anthem in football games
d)  The author misses heaering the national anthem compared to his childhood
e)  The author is glad that he didn't have to sing the national anthem on many different occasions




9)Why do people not spend as much as time as the could on doing things that would make them happier?

a) People do not truly understand what will make them happy misguided by what they hear from others
b) People do not prefer to spend toom much time on anything pleasurable or purposeful
c) People would rather spend time with family than doing things for themselves
d) People don't pay enough attention to those things to realise the benefits
e) People these days are too busy trying to excel at work that they don't have time for other things



10)Based on the audio, which of the following is a true statement about short story writing?

a)  It usually focuses on a self contained incident
b)  It is another type of anecdote
c)  It is an apprenticeship that authors must take before writing longer works
d) It is often published alongside a novel
e)  Its length and other parameters can vary between countries and genres


11)What can be said about sugar, based on the passage?

a)  Food packaging doesn't correctly represent the amount of sugar in foods
b) People in UK consume the most sugar in the world averaging 15 teaspoons a day
c)  People should be careful about the amount of sugar they consume from manufactured
d)  Naturally occurring sugar in fruits and milk is not bad for health
e)  World Health Organisation recommends no food should contain more than six teaspoons of sugar


12)Which of the following are the focus areas of the study mentioned in the passage?

a)  The reasons why biographical films are winning many Oscars now
b) The reasons behind the increasing visibility of biopic films
c)  The reasons why there is an increasing demand for biographical films
d)  The number of biographical areas being made world over
e)  The reasons behind the appeal of La Mome


13)Which aspects of subway construction will the speaker talk about in this lecture?

a) the funding of projects
b) the speed of trains
c) geological conditions
d) employing professionals
e) public approval

14)According to the speaker, which of the following measures helped reduce community problems in Brickendon?

a) allowing residents to patrol the area
b) interviewing residents about the problems
c) organizing regular community meetings
d) giving families financial support
e) removing litter from the streets


15)What comments are made about students in the Theatre Studies program?

a) They are encouraged to focus their studies on modern productions.
b) Past students offer them help.
c) Students can work at their own pace.
d) They need to be clear from the start about the area they want to work in.
e) A high percentage complete the degree and get jobs in their field.


16)What was significant about the rock art found in the Yunnan province and in Western Europe?

a) The skill in the rock art is superior to that found in other parts of the world.
b) It suggests that the ancestors of the rock artists may have once lived in the same area.
c) Rock art in both places depicted animals of interest to humans.
d) It showed the people in each place had very different lifestyles.
e) It shows that people in widely separated places thought the same way.


17) Which of the following are mentioned as influences on the English landscape garden?

a) The poet Alexander Pope
b) The Romantic Movement
c) A person's political affiliations
d) Italian classical painting
e) Gardens from classical Greece and Rome

18)Which of these countries still use woodblock printing on fabrics?

a) Japan
b) Peru
c) India
d) Egypt
e) Mexico

19)Which of the countries listed below continue to enforce punishments for failure to vote?

a) France
b) Bolivia
c) the UK
d) Australia
e) Austria

20)Which of the following were the presses adapted for printing originally used for?

a) crushing beans
b) flattening out boards
c) pressing clothes
d) crushing seeds and herbs
e) pressing grapes


21)Which of the following technological advances have had an effect on the economics and distribution of music?

a) piano sales
b) electronic recording systems
c) the Internet
d) the popularity of pianolas
e) the ability to download music


22) Which of the following statements is true of Rousseau's beliefs in The Social Contract?

a) Men form societies to better cope with the dangers in life.
b) Society has a corrupting influence on people.
c) People were far happier in a "state of nature" before civilization.
d) By forming societies, law and morality come into force.
e) Children's emotions should be educated before their intellect.


23) Which of the following conditions need to be met by parents who want to have their children educated at home?

a) They must provide lesson plans.
b) They must ensure their child plays a sport.
c) They must provide regular assessments.
d) They must provide book lists.
e) They must keep a record of attendance.


24)According to the text, who were originally responsible for popularizing rice in Europe?

a) the Chinese
b) the Greeks
c) the Spanish
d) the Arabs
e) the Italians


25)Which of the following are suggested as reasons why contemporary writers on politics are less readable and relevant than the ancient writers?

a) They only write about institutions.
b) They tend to focus on only one aspect of political systems.
c) Being university-based forces them to specialize.
d) They ask largely irrelevant questions.
e) They follow the example of 19th-century writers.


26)Which of the following are mentioned as health problems caused by noise?

a) Extreme irritation
b) A certain degree of hearing loss
c) Problems with speech
d) Mental problems
e) Behavioral and anger problems


27)According to the text, which of the following countries has a Poet laureate?

a) the Caribbean
b) Ireland
c) Saint Lucia
d) the USA
e) Germany


28)Which of the following are mentioned as being difficult to re-adapt to when returning to your native country after a long absence?

a) Technological change
b) More than nine years' absence
c) The difference in time zones
d) The way people go about their daily lives
e) People's terms of reference in conversation


29)What animals did the northwoods tribes hunt?

a) Lion
b) Eagle
c) Deer
d) Moose


30)According to the professor, what factors are important in choosing a career in the arts?

a) Wealth
b) Talent
c) Luck
d) Experience


31)The Golden Age of American Agriculture What are the main reasons that made the early 20th century the golden age of American agriculture?

a) The improvement of farming methods due to advanced technology.
b) The governmental involvement with pesticide control.
c) The introduction of newly-developed seeds.
d) The increase of the female labor in farming.



32)What is the lecture mainly about?

a) How to forecast interest-rate out of the Consumer Price Index.
b) The disadvantages of the Consumer Price Index.
c) The function of the Consumer Price Index.
d) How to measure the Consumer Price Index.



33)According to the lecture: what are the main changes since the 1970s?

a) Most jobs became open to ethnic groups.
b) The word used to refer to the fireman was changed.
c) Women began to be trained together with men in the military.
d) Individualism has been reflected in the hiring process.
e) Women were allowed to flight in the battlefield like men did.



34)According to the lecture, what are the main consequences of the warm weather and a lot of rainfall in the Southern Coastlands?

a) People in the region can grow crops more than once in a year.
b) It helped people in the region develop a wonderful system of irrigation.
c) The region attracts a lot of migrant workers.
d) People in the region can grow specialty crops.



35) Which of the following are mentioned about the new library?

a) It isn't very near the university.
b) It is hard to find a place to sit down and study.
c) It has comfortable chairs.
d) It allows students to rent a bicycle.



36) Which of the following are true?

a) The student has not taken the required math and physics courses.
b) The student has already challenged the exam.
c) The student should get the permission from the head of the Medical Department
d) The student is not majoring in engineering.



37)What can be said about social economy?

a) It is a system to help young people build basic job skills.
b) It is a system to help young people work in a profitable company.
c) It is part of the welfare system to help long-term unemployed people.
d) It refers to the social assistance system to help farmers find a decent job.



38)Which of the following were achieved by Gemini?

a) The first manned linkup of two spacecraft.
b) The first walk on the moon.
c) The first eight-day mission in space.
d) The first orbit around the Earth.



39)According to the lecture, which of the following are true?

a) The word "classical" refers to Ancient Egypt.
b) The Classical music is complicated in texture.
c) Sonatas can be found both in the Baroque and the classical music.
d) The Baroque music was influenced by Roman ideals.
e) The Classical sonata emphasizes conflict and its resolution.



40)Which of the following are true about the David White Scholarship?

a) The students who are in the top2% of all the freshmen are most likely to receive the scholarship.
b) The students whose marks are over 93% are most likely to receive the scholarship.
c) The scholarship awardees should get the 4.0 grade point on average in order to maintain the scholarship.
d) The scholarship does not guarantee housing.
e) The scholarship awardees are given a parking priority in the university residence.


41)How does the professor develop the topic of tsunamis?

a) By comparing tsunamis and floods
b) By describing causes of tsunamis
c) By sharing his experience of a tsunami
d) By giving examples of tsunamis



42)What causes tsunamis?

a) Movement of the ocean floor
b) Heavy precipitation
c) Undersea earthquakes
d) The moon's gravity



43)According to the instructor, why are synthetic pigments superior to natural pigments?

a) They last for a longer time.
b) They have a smoother surface.
c) They are less expensive.
d) They provide stronger, brighter colors.



44)Identify the types of substances that erupt from volcanoes.

a) Hot gases
b) Liquefied rock
c) Ice cones
d) Yellow stone



45)According to the instructor, which fields require an understanding of perspective?

a) Architecture
b) Marketing
c) Railroad engineering
d) Industrial design



46) How do clinical psychologists diagnose client's problems?

a) Psychic readings
b) Psychological tests
c) Interviews
d) Personal letters



47)What types of data will the students use in their presentation?

a) The history of eruptions in the area
b) Photographs that the man took
c) A series of pictures of the mountain
d) A videotaped interview with a geologist



48)For what reasons do individuals take out bank loans?

a) To build a housing complex
b) To do medical research
c) To pay for education
d) To purchase a home


49)According to the professor, why is biology the most demanding of all sciences?

a) Biology studies complex living systems.
b) Biology deals with controversial issues.
c) Biology requires knowledge of other sciences.
d) Biology cannot answer every question about life.



50)Which grass seedlings would probably NOT bend toward light?

a) Seedling in a moist ecosystem
b) Seedling with the tip cut off
c) Seedling wearing a black cap
d) Seedling with multiple shoots



51) What can be inferred about starlings?

a) They live in rural and urban areas.
b) They are a problem for fruit growers.
c) They have a beautiful song.
d) They are killed for their feathers.



52) What can be inferred about New York City?

a) It was originally five cities.
b) It used to be part of Baltimore.
c) It is a progressive city.
d) It has a borough called Brooklyn.



53) Which situations should hikers avoid?

1) Carrying bear bells
2) Approaching a bear
3) Shouting at a bear
4) Hiking when it is dark



54) What is the talk mainly about?

a) Forestry as a profession
b) Different forest ecosystems
c) Where foresters work
d) Job openings in forestry



55)What are the natural causes of an avalanche?

a) The weight of the snow
b) The slope of the road
c) The pull of gravity
d) The size of the gun



56)How do salmon find their way to their home stream?

a) By following other fish
b) By seeing the sun's position
c) By listening for waterfalls
d) By smelling the water



57)What must be present for photosynthesis to begin?

a) Carbon dioxide
b) Nitrogen
c) Water
d) Glucose



58)Which sounds could contribute to hearing loss?

a) A conversation at close range
b) A rock band at close range
c) A jet engine at close range
d) A vacuum cleaner at close range



59)Why is improvisation difficult to define?

a) There are several kinds of improvisation.
b) People disagree about what improvisation is.
c) No musicians have recorded improvisation.
d) The dictionary does not define improvisation.



60)According to the speaker, how are online news sources making the news industry more competitive?

a) The national stations have taken over the online media market.
b) There are more media options to choose from.
c) More advertising revenue comes from online news articles.
d) It is easier to get the news from outside sources.
e) People care less about the national news.



61)Which of these countries use electronic voting machines?

a) India
b) Indonesia
c) The United Kingdom
d) Holland
e) South Africa



62) The purposes of this talk are to

a) Describe the findings of a research project.
b) Explain how humans grade writing.
c) Present different methods for grading writing.
d) Criticize the use of technology in grading writing.
e) Suggest directions for future research.


63) What does the speaker say about sharks?

a) They live for much longer than other species of fish.
b) They are a more popular food source than other fish species.
c) They are hunted heavily because their price is high.
d) They reproduce more slowly than other fish do.
e) They are more likely to become extinct than other fish.



64) Which of these tips about doing a good translation does the speaker mention?

a) Ask a native speaker if you are not sure of the meaning of something.
b) Ask what your translation will be used for.
c) Take care to choose the right meaning of a word if you use a dictionary.
c) Always translate from a second language into your native language.
d) Don’t translate technical texts unless you are familiar with the subject.



65) Which of these qualities of a building does the speaker mention as being important? 

a) How original the design of the building is
b) How well the building fits in with surrounding buildings
c) How long the building is likely to last
d) How well the building suits its purpose
e) How attractive the building is to look at


66)Which of the following are mentioned as health problems caused by noise?

a) A certain degree on hearing loss
b) Mental problems
c) Behavioral and anger problems
d) Extreme irritation
e) Problems with speech



Answers: Click here for answers




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